It started with a desk

Wendy and I recently had a reshuffle of our home office, we realised that as our business was growing our current space was’t big enough.  We moved into our new space and I took the opportunity to tidy my workspace and generally get more organised.

I paired my desk space down to what was essential for me to get my work done comfortably but soon realised that it was now a little too austere and with the addition of my insanely cute robot salt and pepper shakers and three lovely little succulent plants my desk is almost how I want it.  

Me being me, this set of a thought process in my head. My desk has always been reasonably tidy but my side of the bedroom is a source of shame (and many frowns from Wendy). There’s never been any thought to what went in what draw except for “there’s a space” and my wardrobe was in a similar state. 

So spurred on by the tidyness of my desk, I tackled my side of the bedroom. I used the philosophy of “If I haven’t used this in 6 months, I don’t need it” and when it came to my clothes there was a two stage approach : 1st stage- does it fit, 2nd stage- if it fits, have I worn it within 6 months. In the end I my local charity shop received 4 black bags full of unwanted clothes,bags and gadgets that were cluttering up my life. 

I realised that this de-cluttering is a form of minimalism. I don’t claim to be a minimalist nor do I aspire to be one but it is refreshing, almost cathartic, to have a good clear out. 

I then started thinking about my photographic practice and how I could apply this same ethos to my images….. and so a project was born! I’ve decided to start taking minimalist photographs using only a point and shoot camera. I’m stripping myself of lens choices, film choices, even camera choices. I’m relinquishing control of everything except for my photographers eye

I’ll be posting updates as I go, so be sure to check back and see how the project is coming along!