Mindfulness, Photography and Me

Firstly, let me apologize for the huge break in between posts on this blog. I’ve been really busy and unfortunately this blog fell by the wayside. The wedding photography business that I own and run with my partner Wendy is going from strength to strength – We even won an award recently! (we’re over on www.simpler-weddings.com if you fancy a look or follow us on facebook ).


I’m soft launching a new variant of this site soon under the name of Simpler Media and Photography where I offer graphic design, video and photographic services.

As you can imagine this takes up a lot of my time!


I’ve also been teaching a variety of courses for Hampshire County Councils Learning in Libraries service which I’m finding incredibly rewarding. Alongside courses such as Computing for beginners, iPad and Android courses I teach several photography courses – Take better photos, Introduction to digital photography, Landscape photography, Urban Photography and the course I’d like to talk about here – Mindful Photography.


I’ve always enjoyed photography – I’ve had a camera in my hands in one form or another for as long as I can remember, usually a 35mm point and shoot film camera in the 80’s to point and shoot digital cameras in the late 90’s up until today where I can be found shooting on them still! (except for when I’m shooting for clients then I’m on my Canon DSLRs all day long). This post isn’t about gear though, in fact it’s almost the opposite.

There’s one common element whatever I take photos on though – my simple joy in the act of taking photographs.

When I shoot for fun - whether it’s on a photo walk with Wendy, A solitary seascape shoot or when I’m travelling around and grab a few minutes to take photos on whatever camera I have with me – I feel a calm. A calm I don’t feel anywhere else. It’s almost like because part of my mind is preoccupied with the business of taking photos (Looking for compositions, looking for light and shadow, making sure my exposure is correct) the rest of it is free to ponder whatever else is going on in my life. That sounds a bit strange but it feels like I give myself a small holiday from life’s pressures and feel mentally recharged to deal with that email I’ve been putting off writing, chasing that invoice, working on my financial spread sheet etc when I get back to my desk.


I built a course around this principle and I’m very grateful to Hampshire County Councils Learning in Libraries service for giving me the opportunity to teach it in various sites in the county,

I’m running this course again soon in 3 different venues (listed below) and there’s still spaces available on all three courses (although spaces are limited). All courses are free to join and all you need to bring is a pen, paper and any device that can record a photograph (camera, tablet, phone, film camera…anything).

25th June in Lymington Library, the 5th June in Hythe Library and the 16th July in Stubbington Library. To book on one of these, please visit call the Booking Line on 0300 555 1387 or visit www.hants.gov/shop