Burlesque, Bands and Volkswagens

One of the things I love about photography is the places it will take you if you let it. I had the opportunity to attend a festival called "Dubs of Anarchy" this weekend and it was great. In my younger day's I used to own a Volkswagen camper (a 1978 type 2 called Myrtle if you're interested) and always loved the VW scene. So when I was asked if I wanted to spend the weekend at a VW festival and take photos of a burlesque show, I gave it maybe 2 or 3 nanoseconds before agreeing.

The show itself was a very laid back affair near the small town of Evesham in Worcestershire and whilst it wasn't the warmest weather, it was being held at the end of September in England - it was never going to be balmy sun bathing weather!

Anyway, Here are a few shots from the Burlesque show itself. Trust me, you never know where life will take you or what you'll see when you pick up a camera!

This carrot was doomed.......