How I celebrated World Photo Day

Today is World Photo Day and I wanted to celebrate it by going out and taking a lovely photo to mark the occasion but the horrible weather prevented me so I thought I'd share one of my existing shots or edit one of the thousands of untouched RAW files in my Lightroom catalog. I couldn't decide on what to share so I started scrolling though my images. It was then I noticed something unusual. 

Lot's of my files were missing. I mean lots. Around 200 GB's worth of photos. "No worries" I thought and simply plugged in my external backup drive. At this point things began to go south in a hurry. I'd recently done some house cleaning on my PC and Backup drive and had inadvertently deleted a massive amount of files. After a period of self-loathing and calling myself all the names under the sun - If you've ever cocked up like this yourself you'll know what I'm talking about, If you haven't yet you've got that treat in store for yourself - It dawned on me that I have a on-line backup solution in the form of Carbonite. (Full disclaimer, this isn't a paid or otherwise advertising post and this isn't an affiliate link). I fired up the software that has been quietly sitting (and thankfully) doing it's job for the past 6 months or so and browsed my cloud storage back up. 

Phew! All my "lost" images were there and they're currently downloading to my PC as I type this. Whilst browsing though some of the downloaded files, I came across a photo that I took at Eastney Point in Southsea a few months ago. I set about editing it and submitted it to the World Photo day website. I don't know if it'll make the book or not but I thought it was fitting that I submit a photo that I'd forgotten about (and wouldn't have remembered if I hadn't inadvertently wiped it off my hard drive) to mark the day. Here's the photo and I think you'll agree that it doesn't deserve to be sitting unloved and unedited.


I guess the lesson to be learnt here is to have more than one backup solution and don't neglect your own "Back catalog". You'll never know what you'll find. It goes to show that everyday, in photography at least, you learn something new. This is one World Photo Day I'll never forget.