Southsea kite festival and Thai food festival

I found myself at a loose end on yesterday so I decided to grab my camera and check out the Portsmouth International kite festival. This is an annual event that takes place on Southsea common. I love kites, always have done since I was a kid so I was really looking forward to going. 

The day was beautiful. Lovely warm weather, blue skies with some puffy white clouds, pretty much ideal for taking photos at a outdoors event and I was hoping to get some photographs of some of the weird and wonderful kites soaring through the sky.

A quick trip to Thailand

On the way there I discovered that the Thai food festival was on that day also. It was such a lovely day, and seeing as I had my camera and nothing else to do that day (a rare thing these days!) my girlfriend and I decided to check it out. On a personal note, I was a little disappointed that there was a £4 ticket price per person and I expected to at least have some samples of Thai food (one of my favourite cuisines) but apart from entry into a raffle for a food voucher I couldn't see where our combined entry fee of £8 went.

Anyway, after browsing the various stalls of thai crafts and food stalls I settled down by the stage area with a Singha beer to watch the dancers in action. 

I've always enjoyed the colours and grace of Thai dancers and I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs. 

On to the kites!

After about an hour or so, we decided it was time to move on to the Kite festival. We sat under a tree for a moment to have a drink by the Skate park and I reflected on how much I loved living in Southsea. Sure, it might be a little rough around the edges at times (but these days, where isn't?) but on a random Sunday, I'd already seen Thai dancers and was en route to see kites - all within walking distance of my flat on Albert Road.

As I mentioned before, I love kites. Always have done. I've many a happy memory of flying kites on various beaches and in parks so when I saw this scene in front of me I must admit to feeling some childish glee!

It was brilliant! There were flying donkeys, dragons, bats and beautiful box kites in the air. With the lovely Southsea sky as a back drop I was in seventh heaven We refueled with a Hog roast and soft drink and I set about taking loads of photos. These are some of the strangest photo's I've ever taken! I had a lovely day and a cheeky pint in Drift on Palmeston road whilst soaking in the atmosphere really topped off a great day. Here is a link for the full gallery of the days images.