Waterfalls in Portsmouth

Every time I take my camera out to take photographs in Portsmouth I find something new. This morning I decided to clean off my filters, pack my gear into my backpack and head off to explore one of the areas many beaches. 

This morning was great a day for photography. The weather was lovely and warm , even at 6am, it was so nice I went out wearing shorts and a t-shirt. There was a lovely sea mist and light winds. It was impossible for me to resist those conditions and even though I was pretty tired my yoga session the night before had left me feeling energized in a way that had nothing to do with my physical state. 

I hoped on my bike and headed off to the seafront. I saw a composition of what I thought would be my keeper of the day, and looking at my camera's LCD screen I was pretty sure of it but the day morning was so nice and even though I was starting to lose the light I got back on my bike and went exploring again.

I ended up at an area called Eastney Point. This area has big seascapes, big skies and lots of interesting things to take photos of that keeps me returning time and again. Today I saw something there that I had never seen before - A waterfall! Ok, so it was only a little one and I'm not sure you could technically call it a waterfall but it caught my eye and looked lovely so I set up my tripod and took a long exposure photograph. 

Portsmouth watefalls

I love this image and seeing as I've never seen it before I'm sure its just one of those transitory compositions, I'm glad I managed to capture this little beauty in all it's glory. 


Needless to say, this is my keeper of the day. The earlier photograph didn't turn out very well at all. You never can tell until you have a good look on a big screen, so never rest on your laurels thinking you've got "That" photograph. Your favourite shot might be just around the corner!