An update about where I'm at

Hi all. Firstly my apologies for not updating this blog for months.A lot has happened since my last post and I feel I should update you all on what I've been up to since January.

A trip to wales

In Febuary I took myself off to North Wales for a change of scenary and also to challange myself in an area that I've previously never photographed before. I went to Hollyhead, an area I know from my days in the Royal Air Force when I was posted to RAF Valley. Although back then the closest I came to taking photos was of drunken nights in the NAAFI - oh how I've changed since I was there in 1993 but the area hasn't. It's still as strikingly beautiful as I remembered it and I took some really nice photos.

Mountain View

Cameras, Hero's and villians

I also attended the Camera show at the NEC in Birmingham which was an awful lot of fun, Not only for the bewildering array of equipment and services at the show but also because Comic-con was on next door. I'm always impressed by how creative and how much effort goes into the costumes. It was great fun to take photos of superheros, super-villains and everything in-between!


A change of pace

Now most of you probably know that I enjoy Long exposure photography a great deal but a happy accident has opened up a whole new world of photography to me. I had set up for a long exposure, camera on its tripod, I had calculated my exposure and was in the process of attaching my Neutral density filters when I realised that I had left the adapter ring that attaches the filter to the lens at home. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to take some photos, I just went for a walk and shot handheld. I got some great photos and discovered that you don't have to spend hours getting one beautiful image. 

I now go for walks, my camera comes with me and I get many images I'm proud of. I'm also discovering parts of Portsmouth and Southsea that I didn't know existed which I'm exploring pretty much on a daily basis.

So, that's where I'm at. I'm growing everyday as a photographer, I'm meeting new and interesting people and my love for the art of photography is growing deeper every day.