No photo but a nice morning out.

Ever since I picked up a camera and learnt how to take long exposure photographs I've been on the look out for a partially submerged carcass of a boat. Row boat or ocean liner, it really doesn't matter. I've seen a few images like this and they always appeal to me. Mostly because I've long held the view that beauty is more than skin deep and a gnarly, rotting and long forgotten thing can look amazing under the right circumstances.  

So far my search has been confined to Hayling Island and the the sea front around Southsea but today I decided to widen my search area. I got on a bus and headed off to Fareham. I got off the bus at Port Solent and had a wander around but unfortunately I didn't see anything that caught my eye. 

Undeterred I walked along the coast in the direction of Portchester castle. The weather wasn't great - windy - very windy - and spitting with rain but I was prepared for this wearing my hiking clothes and boots so I was pretty comfy. 

The wind was getting stronger and on a couple of occasions I was bent nearly double walking into it and my hopes of getting  pin sharp image were fading with every gust but I carried on regardless. I like walking and exploring new places so I was enjoying the experience.  

As usual, I encountered quite a few dog walkers on my mini-trek and I had a chat with a man who was walking his magnificent Newfoundland dog. I really like these big, gentle dogs although I'm not the biggest dog lover in the world. Anyway, I digress. During my conversation with the dogs owner (unfortunately I didn't catch his name) I learnt about a old hull of a boat that looked like "Whale bones". 

Finally! With my spirits lifted I carried on my little coastal walk and eventually came across the aforementioned boat. The tide was falling so most of it was exposed and it was just what I was looking for. 

For long exposure photography you need your camera to be as stable as possible because any vibration can ruin the overall sharpness of the finished image. Remember it was really windy? By this time the wind had really picked up and I was doubtful about getting the shot I wanted but I had come all this way so I was determined to give it a try. 

I set my tripod up and took my first exposure. It looked good to me on my LCD screen so it was time for me to attach my 10-stop Neutral density filter and a 2-stop graduated filter to balance out the sky in the exposure. 

The wind was howling now, I had my camera bag weighing down the tripod. The legs were jammed into the ground but at times the wind was threatening to blow the whole thing over. As you can imagine, I didn't get the image I wanted which is disappointing but what I did get was some exercise in the fresh air and a new location for when the weather is a bit better. 

Would I call this a waste of a day? No, of course not. I had a great time. I love being outdoors in all weathers, meeting new people and finding new locations. What's not to like? 

It's not one of my best but I quite like it.

It's not one of my best but I quite like it.