It's all fair in Fareham

After my somewhat less than successful trip to the Fareham area recently, I decided to give it another go. It was a beautiful morning - cold, crisp and sunny with light winds - so for once the weather gods were smiling on me. 

I'm very much a "Golden Hour" shooter (for the non-photographers out there this is the name or the hour after sunrise when the light is as it's best) so this meant I had to leave my flat in Southsea at about 5am to catch a bus to Fareham. I really don't mind early mornings, in fact it's my favorite time of day. 

I got off the bus at Fareham bus station and after a quick stop to pick up a coffee (once again I'd left my flask in my kitchen) and started exploring the harbor area. 

I like to have an loose idea about what I want to take photographs of when I'm at the location and on this little mini-expedition I had curves and textures in mind. 

My luck was in! The tide was out, exposing the sea bed and all the channels the various tides carve in the mud. 

I'd arrived about half hour before sunrise so I had plenty of time to explore a bit to find interesting things to point my lens at. 

I came across a stream that fed into the harbor with some really nice curves and channels and started looking for the best compositions for my photos. I climbed down into the mud and instantly started sinking into the smelly river bed so I found some old concrete blocks that I could both safely stand on and set up my tripod.  

I really like this image, especially the grooves in the bank and in my mind it had black and white written all over it when I was taking it. 

After extracting myself from the riverbed, I started looking for other angles. I had set my camera up for this image and , as usual, I got chatting to a dog walker. This gentleman was called Brendan and he had a gorgeous black Labrador. I love hearing other peoples stories and this one really warmed my heart. The poor dog had sometime ago swallowed a discarded fishing hook (something as member of Surfers Against Sewage really annoys me) and was really poorly, needing to have a painful and expensive operation to save her life, but seeing her running around, being curious and friendly like most Labs made my day. 

Not long afterwards I decided to call it a day and head back to Portsmouth. Remember I said I was in the mud? I must apologize to everyone on the bus because I stank! I was really embarrassed but I had no option, other than sitting on the bus not wearing trousers. Sorry about that! 

All in all, I had another great morning taking photographs and I'm really happy that I came away with two nice photos and have another story to tell.