Third times a charm!

I had what can only be described as a god awful day yesterday so I was determined to get out with my camera today. 
Fortunately I managed to get out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:30 am despite feeling head-achy (a hang over if I'm totally honest) and grumpy. A quick look at the weather forecast confirmed that I shouldn’t have to run for cover from the rain today, so I grabbed my backpack that I had loaded the night before and started the 2 mile walk to Eastney Point.

By the time I'd reached seafront my headache had cleared, the romantic in me likes to think that it was because I was in the fresh air doing something I love but I tend to think that it was more the paracetamol, industrial strength coffee and exercise that was the real reason. 

I went to the same place I'd previously been to twice this week without success and I was happy to see that the ocean had put in a proper appearance which meant my composition would work.

It was a lovely morning, a bit windy and chilly but it is December so that's hardly a shock! There were light clouds in the other wise clear sky that was gradually getting brighter as dawn approached.

With my camera on it's tripod and my composition sorted I started taking photographs. The twist in this little tale is that the image on this page isn't what I was after but I actually prefer it. I did get a good one of the image I've been trying and failing to get this week but when I was actually looking at it in Lightroom I was a little unimpressed. With a different tide/sunrise combo I think it'll be a good one but there will always be sunrises so I'll have another go some time.

It's been an interesting week, I've met some cool people down on Eastney Point and come away with a nice image. Photography… it's a funny old game!