The life of a landscape photographer part 2

After not getting the shot I wanted yesterday, I tried today but once again, came away empty handed. The sea again failed to make an appearance but despite the lack of an image for my portfolio, it was a really interesting morning.

The weather was ok (at that point – more later!), not too cold, cloudy sky and light wind. I'd set my camera up and was midway through a 9 minute exposure when the sun began to rise. The clouds started glowing with an incredible pink and this was reflecting on the sea.

As I'm also a Body Boarder so I've seen my fair share of glorious sunrises but this one truly took my breath away (unfortunately not in the area I was shooting!). I was tempted to quickly get a shot of it but I honestly don't believe I could have taken a photo that would have done it justice. I also didn't want to miss any of it while fiddling with my camera.

I had a nice chat with a lovely lady shortly after (Hello Heather if you're reading this!) and was generally feeling pretty good.

Then the heavens decided to open and I bravely ran away (no weather proofing on my camera) to a handily located café and accidentally created a little chaos.

Did I get an image? No. Did I have a memorable morning and a story to tell? Yes!

I guess what I'm trying to say is just try to enjoy the whole experience of your photography. Whether you're taking photos in manual mode on a full frame DSLR or using your smart phones camera, just go with a open mind and treat any keepers as a bonus.