Life of a landscape photographer

I've been feeling quite stressed lately and combined with taking photos for the Headway charity  and taking photos as an assistant at a wedding for Jon Mainwaring , I haven't really been able to indulge my passion for my sea scape photography. When you factor in the weather (wind, rain and big seas don't play nicely with a non-weather sealed camera body!) the whole idea was a non starter.

 I woke up at 4am today with both a clear head and clear schedule for the first time in ages so after a quick check of the weather forecast, I loaded up my camera backpack and headed off to Eastney point for some long exposure photography.

It was still pitch dark when I arrived so I was glad I packed my head torch. Aside from my camera, lens and filters I always keep a roll of electrical tape, head torch and multi-tool in my bag. Trust me, you might not need these things on every shoot but I can guarantee they will save the day at some point! For example if it's a bright day, a little piece of tape over my cameras eye-piece and using live view mode gets rid of those pesky light leaks ;)

I had plenty of time to decide on my composition and set up the camera whilst waiting for the sun to rise. It's my favourite time of day, even though it was windy and pretty cold, just being on a beach and listening to the waves at day break is a pretty epic way to start the day.

The sun began to rise, my subject was being illuminated nicely but the sea just wasn't putting in an appearance. It was a really low tide and my composition depended on the water so I knew I wasn't going to get the shot I wanted.  I moved the tripod, re-composed the image but it just wasn't working.

Was I disappointed? Kind of, I really wanted to be able to add to my portfolio today but I now have the image in my head I want to take so like Arnie says “I'll be back”! So with a morning on the beach, the composition for what I hope will be a portfolio image in my brain plus a nice surprise in the Strong Island shop  , I'm putting a big tick in the plus column for today!