A call for models

Most of my photos heavily feature the ocean and a man-made objects that I try to show in the most beautiful way I can. I've been wondering lately how I can apply the same techniques to portrait photography similar to my Self-portrait.

I would like to take photographs of people from Portsmouth and Southsea showing what they're passionate about, for example a Elvis Presley fan might like to wear an Elvis wig or maybe baking is your thing and you'd like to wave a rolling pin around? 

Unfortunately in terms of payment all I can offer would be the images from the session (and more than likely a cup of tea).

Anybody is welcome: young, old, male, female, any race, any profession . So long as you're willing and happy to have your photograph taken. (please note that under 16s would have to have a parent or guardian present and for under 18s I'd need a parent or guardians consent).

If you're interested, please contact me and we can get things rolling!