King Ghidora gig.

As well as photography, one of the other great loves in my life is music. I still remember where I was the first time I heard "Smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana (a bowling alley in Bracknell in case you were wondering).

I live in Southsea on the vibrant and surprising Albert Road,  which is home to loads of live music venues, creative people and has a really funky vibe.

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph the excellent local band King Ghidora at The Wedgewood Rooms.  This type of photography is new to me so it presented many challenges.

I'm used to shooting in low light conditions but with the lighting at gigs going from near pitch dark to blinding white and back again within a second combined with the dynamic action on stage, I had to rethink my game.

Usually I do my best to slow down my lenses and camera to create my images, but last night I had to push my gear to it's fastest. As the fastest and most reliable lens I own is still the kit lens that came with my Canon 1200D, I knew pin-sharp images were going to be a challenge so again I had to just do my best!

The whole shoot was fast and frenetic and the band were amazing. It reminded me so much of gigs I used to go to as a teenager, the whole thing gave me a huge rush. My ears are still ringing!

It did however highlight the limitations of my lens, I'd need a 2.8 to really capture the action but for now I'll keep snapping away and having fun!